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Field Rations - Intra Workout Nutrition

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Field Ration Intra-Workout Supplement Benefits
Made In The USA and Veteran Founded Supplements
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Field Rations Intra-Workout Benefits

Expert Formulated Intra-Workout Supplement Drink

Intra-workout supplementation can help with muscle protein synthesis, which is the process of using protein to repair muscle damage and build muscle. If your body isn't breaking down muscle tissue to access amino acids, building muscle and achieving your physique and strength goals will be easier.

Want to learn more about the science behind Field Rations and the evolution of peri-workout nutrition? Check out this intra-workout research article written by Justin Harris and Thomas Lackie. Looking for answers to your intra-workout-related questions? Our bodybuilder's ULTIMATE guide includes everything you need to know about intra-workout and its benefits.

Uses & Benefits

  • Fuel Your Workout & Push Harder
  • Optimal Amino Acids & Carbohydrates
  • Promotes Muscle Growth & Protein Synthesis
  • The Ultimate Electrolyte Matrix



Take 1-2 servings during your training/exercise to improve recovery, endurance, and enhance pumps.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews

Great so far!

Jaime R
Great Intra workout

This stuff is great! I never feel like I’m going hypo and the muscles consistently feel full. Totally recommend!

Phillip Headington
Just what I needed!

First day training using Field Rations and I'm impressed. It's just what I needed. Kept my muscles full for 90 minutes of Pull day. Glad I ordered two during the Labor Day sale. Looking forward to using more from 1D.

louie alonzi
The bees knees

Put on healthy weight fast and helps keep the hunger feeling away during training. The flavor is freakin awesome and ya’ll some bishes if you ain’t takin this while training.

Philip Torres

Tastes good and keeps me going through a workout