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QRF - Liver Support
Carter Gibson
Great supplements!


Great Intra workout

This stuff is great! I never feel like I’m going hypo and the muscles consistently feel full. Totally recommend!

QRF - Liver Support
Vinney Fontana

QRF - Liver Support

Love this hoodie

Love this hoodie
Wear it almost everyday and need to get a 2nd one
Wish it came in other colors ❤️

Excellent fat burner! Great energy!

Go pills have been a lifesaver. The energy I get focus and thermogenics exactly what I’m looking for in a fat burner. The dose is often where you can take multiple different sizes of dosing to find the sweet spot. I highly recommend.

Anything that involves Justin Harris is a great product to me!

Go pills

Just started taking them this past week lost contest. Good sustained energy. No jitters etc. I would say more smooth and steady energy. I know Justin wouldn't put his name behind a cheap product. So far so good but will be able to give a more in-depth overview in a couple more weeks.

Game Changer

I’ve been training for 40+ years and have tried a version of almost every type of supplement that has come out in that time. I don’t say this lightly, 1ST Detachments new suppressor is the best supplement I have ever used out of all of them!! If you have taken this sport seriously you know the benefits of a product that does what it’s supposed to do, so few actually do. Controlling glucose is one of the most beneficial things you can do to grow, get lean and get the most out of your food.
I recommend this to anyone wanting to up their game. Justin Harris is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the game and he and 1St D have the best GDA and possibly supplement available today!!

Very pleased with this product.

Just what I needed!

First day training using Field Rations and I'm impressed. It's just what I needed. Kept my muscles full for 90 minutes of Pull day. Glad I ordered two during the Labor Day sale. Looking forward to using more from 1D.

Go Pills - The Fat Burner
Anthony Cardillo
Great Product!

They do as advertised. They give you great energy without the jitters

When you want to shred, this stack is what you need!

The bees knees

Put on healthy weight fast and helps keep the hunger feeling away during training. The flavor is freakin awesome and ya’ll some bishes if you ain’t takin this while training.

Way better flavor than expected. Pre workout hits really well! Recommend using a half a scoop in the beginning for sure.

Love the product. Quality ingredients, proper dosing at a far price.

Tastes good and keeps me going through a workout

Suppressor - High-Carb Support

Suppressor helps keep my blood glucose levels in check.

Suppressor - High-Carb Support
Matt Thomas
Best GDA

This is by far the best GDA I’ve used. Properly dosed and the digestion of high carb meals is on point!!

Great product

This is a great IntraWO product. My only gripe would be value at price : quantity. I have to add a carbo product as this does not cover my insulin needs and I don’t want a low WO. All else is gtg.

WTF Pre-Workout
Alexander Miklos
High quality product

No jitters or crash. Just sustained energy to blast through my workout. Will continue to order WTF

Good stuff

Really life the flavor and the effects

Good to have when needed!

I use the WTF Pre-Workout when I need that extra boost. It really works and helps me get going for my 3am morning workout! Taste great, good stuff!!

Effective Doses! No crash

This product doesn't cut any corners. The Citrulline dose is amazing, and the caffeine is just right to not feel "cracked out", or at least the other ingredients are doing their work to smooth it out. Will buy again & again. Love supporting Justin & Paul.

WTF Pre-Workout
Matthew Driza
Serious product for a Serious Athlete!!

Pro level Pre.. very well dosed and best training . Highly recommend this product and all 1st Detachment Products to all I encounter!