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Hit The Rack - Night Time Recovery

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Hit The Rack Sleep Support Supplement Benefits
Made In The USA and Veteran Founded Supplements
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Improved Formula Hit The Rack Sleep Support Supplement Drink

This product was formulated to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling recovered from activity the day before. 


Benefits & Uses

  • Increased Post-Workout Recovery
  • Helps You Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep
  • Wake Up Rested The Next Day
  • Aids In Reducing Anxiety
  • Easy To Mix & Great Tasting



Take 1 serving with 8-12 fl oz of water.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Mickey Hennessee
This stuff works very well

Deep in contest prep we all know we can't sleep worth a crap. This stuff has helped a ton I already bought another tub within the first week. Tracking my deep sleep with my cpapt and other devices hooked on , I increased my deep sleep consistently more than ever. It's truly remarkable product.
Taste is good but to be honest I eat everything bland for years straight so any flavor sounds good to me. Really love the product. Some nights I'll also add in 2 grams of l citrulline which I noticed has helped as well.

Mike Y
Clutch Diet / Prep Sleep Aid

Hit the rack has been a game changer for me after giving it a try late in a diet when calories are low and carbs are out. Sleep was really suffering but this knocked me out.

D. Ford
I love this stuff!

I struggle to get a good night sleep when dieting down. Hit the Rack has changed that! I fall asleep, stay a sleep, and wake up refreshed with no foggy feeling in the AM.

Love the new formula

I am loving the new formula. It helps me relax to fall asleep much faster and the flavor is so much better. I am glad they updated both the formula and flavor. Awesome job.

Jeremy Thompson
Dreams do come true!

Was sceptical to say the least. I’ve been doing all the “proper” sleep things and I was still waking up 10 to 20 times a night. The first night I took this I have vivid dreams that I could remember only woke up 2 due to outside noise, kids and dogs. The high dose melatonin I was taking didn’t even compare to this product. I will buy it again. The taste isn’t all that it cracked up to be and the colour isn’t appealing but all that aside this stuff just plan and simple works!