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Best sleep formula I’ve tried

High quality sleep product with only the most effective ingredients. Sleep has improved since using this and the data from my sleep app substantiates this claim. Give it a try if you are having difficulty getting to or staying asleep!

WTF Pre-Workout
Laurinda Rutledge
My new favorite

Raspberry lemonade has a good flavor, good thermo effect, no crash

WTF Pre-Workout
Good very good

I have no words to describe how good it is the best I have found on the market🌎

QRF - Liver Support
Melvin Caton
Great product

Definitely feel the difference in functionality. After taking multiple supplements this is a great product to keep your liver and kidneys up to par

Great product!

I was looking for a product like this. Upon discover...I said this is it!

Great blend..great company. Take care of those organs!

Tasty intra workout

One of the best intra workouts I've tried. I try to avoid stimulants so it's nice to find something with just fuel and some amino acids. Plus it tastes nice

Great pre-workout. Finally found one to stick with.

I first heard about 1D through Dave Tate's Table Talk. If he trusts 1D then I have complete faith that I will get quality products and this seems to be the case.

Great taste and mixes easily. The ingredients and dosing seem on point. I have found it to be very effective. I will be ordering it again without hesitation.

Also, it may seem small, but I appreciate that 1D is upfront about the quantity of servings. Most pre-workouts I have used always count the servings based on one scoop, but know you will be using 2. Here there is just one big scoop for the correct serving size.

WTF Pre-Workout
Kendall Thompson
Legit best pre I've ever tried

What's remarkable to me about it, is that I'm not all shaking and tweaked out after taking it. It's literally the perfect blend of energy and alertness that allows you to get a good workout without bouncing off the walls and crashing. I don't really wrote reviews, but this stuff really surprised me how good it is.


1D Field rations is by far the Best intra workout and i’ve had MANY ! Nothing else helps to push Glycogen back into the muscle keeping them full and pumped for the duration of my workouts and beyond ! I also noticed much less Fatigue during really tough Leg Routines ! I won’t train Without it !

I Definitely Push Myself Harder

What percentage is the 1st D doing as promised and what percentage is psychogenic just because I’m sipping it through workouts? I honestly can’t say, but I have pushed harder through workouts since I started using 1st D so it’s definitely worth the money I spent.

Best intra on the market

You have exactly everything you need for that ultimate intra workout.

Taste : 10/10
Performance : 10/10

#1 Intra on the Market

This is a great intra-workout formula that, unlike the other products out there, is research-based and has data to support its use. You may have tried the rest, but now try the best.

WTF Pre-Workout
james barlow
Overall a great pre-workout

For the past few years my pre-workout had just been a cup of coffee but wanted to try something new. Most commercial products seem to be powdered caffeine with a few other things randomly thrown in to fill the scoop.

Saw 1D being talked about on Dave Tate's Table Talk and thought I would give it a try. Very glad that I did.

For me WTF had just the right amount of each different ingredient for what I needed. Everything was well thought out and included for a specific reason. Tasted great and was just the right amount of sweetness without being too much.

If I had to find one thing to not give it a perfect score it would be the sodium. For some reason the sodium doesn't dissolve into solution as well as the other items. So that last drink from the bottom of the shaker is often a briny gritty mix that is kind of weird.

I have learned to keep shaking it as I go, which has helped out a lot, but again its really the only negative comment I have.

Overall its a great product that does everything its supposed so I am very happy with the purchase.

QRF - Liver Support
William Estes
Great Liver Support

Learned about QRF supplement while researching liver support products and decided to give it a try. Less than 30 days of taking it daily and my liver panel shows marked improvement. I’ll definitely be sticking with this product.

Great product

I used this during the Police Unity Tour where I rode 290 miles on a bicycle. I never felt dehydrated and felt like I had stamina in my legs, where normally after 40miles I'm spent. Thank you for an awesome product.


Recommended by big Paul. Was using another intra previously and bought field rations because it was much more cost effective leaves me feeling a really good pump and the carbs are definitely quick acting

Energy boost with no crash

Tastes great. Enough energy to lift first thing in the morning with no crash later.


I have started taking this supplement to assist with my insulin and fasted blood glucose levels. I’ve noticed an improvement to how I feel throughout the day and how my body handles carbs (less of an insulin spike/crash). I will continue to use this supplement as I feel it genuinely makes a positive difference.

Go Pills - The Fat Burner
Keith Summerall
Very effective

These are very straight forward and convenient pills you can use before fasted cardio and again in the middle of the day, gives a good boost to energy and focus as well as some appetite suppression. It is a great tool to use during a fat loss phase

Best Supplement For Intra

Perfect intra with fasting acting carbs and EAAs. Really the only supplement that I truly feel is worth while. Use my code for a discount! ANDREW103674174

QRF Supplement

Excellent supplement. Just what I needed for longevity.

QRF - Liver Support
Great So Far

Need to get blood work done but I’m on my second bottle of the liver support and kidney and prostate formulas, will give a better review once I get my bloodwork done! But love the people who are being the product is why I’m using them


Great supplement(s) backed by great people.

Field Rations

Top notch product. Highly recommend!

Field Rations=Success

DOMS - Decreased
Sustained Energy during 2-3 hour sessions - Exceptional

Mixes clean. Added sodium/potassium is a big plus compared to others. Not a fan of pineapple, but a little flavor enhancer does the trick. I have blood sugar issues, and the little bit of Dextrose has made a decent difference in not going hypo.