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Does what it says

Take 15 minutes before bed and typically asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the rack (pun intended). Training hard. Need more sleep. Make this part of your pre-bed routine and will not be dissappointed.

Nice fit, looking big

Love these shirts. They fit nice and made me look thick on top and thin at the bottom.

WTF Pre workout

Great pre workout overall, taste is good and performance is great! The pre workout after effects are good because there is no crash. Don’t feel tired or dragging.

Super Stack
Awesome Stack!

I absolutely am loving this stack. For the price, it has majority of what I need.

Flow Maxxed - Prostate Support
Kevin Gregar
This helped a ton

Noticed issues about 6 weeks out from the show. Ordered this and within 7-10 days, I was back to normal. And if you have dealt with this issue during a prep, with high water and low carbs, you don’t want to fight this!

Works Great

Used it during my prep for a show and had labs drawn the Monday before the show. ALT and AST were in the 60s, which was great. My previous show, I used a different product and my numbers were in the 180s.

All in one

best all in one INTRA drink you can get. I've made my own intra for years...whether it be dextrose and unflavored EAAs or Karbolyn and other EAA blends from companies. This blows them out of the water for price and taste. I will never go back.

best GDA out there

This is easily the best GDA on the market today. Nothing comes close.

I like it

I definitely enjoy the WTF pre-workout. Gives me a slight tingly feeling and really good pumps! Helps me push through the days where I don't want to be at the gym!

Love this shirt! It’s soft and long enough to keep you covered when laying on a bench or bent over for rows.

Liver support

Eyeballs didn’t turn yellow so it must be doing something. Gave me acid reflux bad so maybe need to adjust how I take it

Intra Workout

I happy to say, I was fairly skeptical about taking an intra workout drink. I am very pleased with the results.

Field Rations - Intra Workout Nutrition

It Works!

I recently purchased this product to help me get to sleep at night, and it works! I have a busy life and often have a small window to sleep every night which prompted me to buy a product that will help me get to sleep and avoid wasting any of my sleep time while I lie in bed and wait to fall asleep at night. This product does just that. I generally take a full scoop of it 30 minutes before I want to hit the hay and within 10 minutes of getting in bed I'm out. Also, in the past when I would wake up to use the restroom in the middle of the night I would often need a few minutes to fall back asleep. Not with this stuff! If I take this before bed I can get right back to sleep. If I use the snooze button in the morning I knock right back out too. This stuff is great! Highly recommended for folks who have difficulty getting to and staying asleep at night. This will really help.

Renal Reset - Kidney Support
Russell Donaldson
Waiting for next bloodwork

The pills are easy to take with my multi and other supps I take. I had a baseline blood test done before ordering and taking these. Kidney enzymes were elevated. Anxious to report back any good news on the next round. Appreciate this product being available.

Improvement on lab work

Been taking this for about a month and my egfr has improved, going to be a staple in my routine

Field rations is great

I'm loving Field rations it took my training to the next level

Inside health

Bodybuilder, power lifter or just taking care of yourself, we all want to look good. However, we sometimes look good but feel like crap from bad diet, tons of food or lack of vitamins and minerals to aid in optimal organ function. The OOPS stack takes care of those vital organs to help you feel as good as you look!! If you haven’t tried them, give them a shot. You have nothing to lose but feeling sluggish!

One of my favorite supplements

This has been one of my favorite supplements since I started ordering it from 1st detachment. I'm 32 years old, and have bought my fair share of supplements since I started lifting when I was 14. If I had to pick only one supplement to continue taking, this would be it. I have felt a huge difference with muscle soreness since I began implementing this intra workout into my routine.

If you have any problems feeling like a total alpha male take this stuff. Energy, metabolism, libido. It's awesome.

Great addition to hard training

Tastes good, mixes well and provides the necessary substrates for fueling muscle during intense workouts. Love it!!

Can’t train without it

It takes some work to dissolve, but I mix it with 64oz water and now I hate training without it!

Sleep time

Great product, helps me fall asleep and stay asleep

Works great

Hit The Rack - Night Time Recovery