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Optimal Organ Protection Support (OOPS) Stack

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Optimal Organ Protection Support Supplement Stack Benefits
Made In The USA and Veteran Founded Supplements
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OOPS Stack
Maintain optimal organ health with the optimal organ protection support (OOPS) supplement stack for hard-training bodybuilders and athletes.

This supplement bundle is excellent for competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts who train hard and work their bodies hard! Protect your organs and keep your body functioning the way it should with the ultimate stack!

With the Optimal Organ Protection Support (OOPS) Stack, you'll receive:

QRF Liver Support Supplement

QRF - Liver Support (PMCS Series)

Designed to help keep your liver in optimal health in general or if you are using performance-enhancing supplements.

Benefits & Uses

  • Improves Liver Function & Overall Liver Health
  • Aids In Recovery For Competitive Athletes & Bodybuilders
  • Provides Optimal Liver Support


Renal Reset - Kidney Health Support

Renal Reset - Kidney Health Support (PMCS Series)

Improve kidney function and get optimal kidney health support while lowering blood pressure with Renal Reset. This supplement promotes b-cell proliferation and antibody production and enhances cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity to produce improved glomerular filtration rates. 

Uses & Benefits

  • Improve Kidney Function
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Optimal Kidney Health Support
  • Promotes B-Cell Proliferation & Antibody Production
  • Improves Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) 
Suppressor Max

Suppressor Max - High-Carb Support (PMCS Series)

Suppressor Max was designed to support and reduce your body's afternoon crash and jitters when taking in carbs, in general, or in a higher amount. Our 'Max' formula contains effective ingredients to enhance the absorption of berberine and maintain optimal blood sugar levels.


Uses & Benefits

  • Our improved formula enhances the absorption of berberine to provide optimal blood sugar improvements, longer half-life, and higher bio-availability.
  • Can be taken less frequently (1-2x per day as opposed to 3-5x per day)
  • Great on a high-carb day or after a workout when a higher-carb meal is eaten to replenish your energy more efficiently. 
  • Helps partition nutrients correctly and shuttles proteins and carbs to the right areas of the body.
  • Can also assist you in staying in fat-burning mode when a situation arises where you take in more carbs or sugars than you usually would.

Flow Maxxed Prostate Health

    Flow Maxxed - Prostate Support

    Flow Maxxed provides supplemental care and aids in optimal prostate health and wellness when taken daily.


    Uses & Benefits

    • Optimal prostate health support.
    • Aids in daily prostate health.
    • Helps improve urinary flow.
    • Reduce associated discomfort.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Mickey Hennessee
        OOPS stack bang for the buck

        Great staple for internal foundation very essential for the body especially if you're a huge bodybuilder or an average joe like myself that loves to go to the gym. These are a must in the arsenal.

        M W
        Recent purchase

        All items arrived as advertised. A lot of pills to swallow, no foul taste or smell. No upset stomach, heart burn or diarrhea. Another company similar type product gave me foul tasting burps and heart burn for most of the day a case of the runs. So far, feeling great!

        Brandon Mauro
        Best Health Stack Ive ever used

        Over the years I’ve tried several different combinations of health supplements, from combination products from other brands, other times buying each individual ingredient myself to match up to my ideal amounts. These products combined are some of the most comprehensive I’ve seen in regards to most effective ingredients and proper dosing, having the Optimal Organ Protection Support Stack simplifies the process and makes sure all of your bases are covered, would highly recommend!

        Staples in my supplement regimen

        As I'm getting older, mitigating future health issues has become very important and the OOPS stack is one effective way to accomplish this. Only 4 weeks post-competition, I had bloodwork done and my values and health markers were all excellent given my size and better than what might be expected this close to a competition. I'll keep this stack as a staple in my supplement regimen.


        Always great quality but I had blood work before and I’m going to get it after to show improvement.